The world needs job-ready software engineers.

We are building a course to train people of all levels, up to an industry ready standard and fill the rapidly growing skills gap.

Want a new career in tech?  Don’t miss out!

At Newicon, we’ve had a problem hiring job-ready software engineers. So we’ve spent the last 13 years training our own team up to the highest standard.

We’ve learnt what it takes to train professional job-ready software engineers, regardless of their level, background or history, and now we’re ready to share that with you.

Historically, we've found that new developers struggle when tackling unfamiliar problems that don't fit the template of the examples they've been taught. Familiarity with current technologies is important, but solving real world problems requires the flexibility that comes with a deeper understanding. At the pace technology is advancing, specific languages and frameworks can quickly become obsolete, but solid fundamentals allow you to deal with anything.

At Newicon Academy, we will teach the skills which make our developers so successful in their work. Alongside modern languages, frameworks and technologies, we will equip our learners with a pragmatic approach to tackling problems and the ability to keep their skills relevant in a rapidly changing environment. Software development is about solving new, evolving problems, in a changing world; this is where we need to teach aspiring software developers to excel.
If you want to learn to code, gain real experience applying your new skills and prepare for a life-long career in technology then Newicon Academy is for you. If you like the sound of what we want to do and would like to follow our progress, then subscribe below and let us know.
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