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The world around us is changing rapidly, transforming the way we live, think, work and learn.

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data and other ground breaking technologies are creating a new reality that requires a new generation of innovators and digital experts with the skills to build a better future.

Explore our series of flexible courses, developed to fit into your life

Software Development Course

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Introduction to Programming

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Digital Product Design

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The Innovation Kit

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Our courses

Who are these courses for?

Career Changers

Career changes and people wanting to start a new career in tech

Graduate Converters

Graduates  looking to change career direction into software development

Career Upskillers

People who have basic understanding and want to learn more to improve their skills

Growing Businesses

Businesses looking to train and upskill existing employees

Your path, your choice

 Whether you want to learn new skills, start a new career or develop your dream project, we bring the skills you need closer to you.

Learning Paths

Different paths allow you to learn and choose from different levels and subjects. You can create your own programme based on your needs.

Flexible Options

Online and in person courses, webinars and short tutorials. You choose the format and we provide the content that suits your lifestyle.

Community of Experts

When you join Newicon Academy, you are part of a community of digital marketers, programmers, designers and digital experts committed to train the future generation of tech leaders.

What sets
us apart

More than buzzwords

You’ll learn all the fundamentals and transferable skills that you need to succeed in your chosen area of tech.

Draw upon real-world experience

We have years of experience in training people to become software developers, UX designers and digital marketers.

Guidance and mentorship

We are here to support you through mentorship and one-to-one catch ups with experienced tutors where needed.


Learn when you want, where you want, and at your own pace — fitting your learning around your life.

Lifelong Learning

Learning  is a continuous process and at Newicon Academy we are always updating  our content and methodologies.

Help in finding a job

We’ll help you to find a job and we will support your transition from Graduate to a Junior Developer.

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