As developers, designers, tech experts, and above all humans, we believe that making tech skills accessible to everyone is the best way to empower people to innovate and create a better future.

Newicon Academy is part of Newicon, a design led software house located in the heart of Bristol. The Academy was born after more than a decade designing and developing incredible digital products for our clients. 

We are the result of years of experience training our team to the highest level and we are now ready to train a new generation into the exciting world of technology.

Our Values

The principles that make us who we are

Learning is a mindset

We are always learning, researching and sharing our knowledge with anyone wanting to develop the skills they need to become the best tech experts.

Tech for positive change

It's everyone's responsibility to play a part in building a more equal society where technology provides better opportunities. We created Newicon Academy to be a catalyst for change.

Inclusive Innovation

A culture of innovation requires a variety of people, ideas and experiences. For us, diversity it is a key ingredient when designing great new products.

We are passionate about people and tech.

Be Agile

Adaptable and ready to change. Always learning.

Be Bold

Rise to the challenge, you will have the tools to transform the world around you.

Be Human

In the age of machines we need humans who create technology with people’s needs at the centre.

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