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Innovation kit

Innovation made easy...

Out of the box thinking... In a box!

Unleash your inner innovator!

Innovation is the process where new ideas come into reality

And in our experience, the best way to achieve innovation is through an engaging and interactive workshop

That's why our in-house designers and developers created the Innovation Toolkit, a complete innovation system that will help you to understand the innovation process in a creative and tangible way.

From developing the mindset you need to start the innovation process to product ideation and prototyping, you'll find it all in this neat little box.

What's inside the box?

The Innovation kit has been designed to provide  everything you need to start the Innovation process.

Each Box contains exercises, worksheets, canvases, prompt cards and facilitator prompts.

All packaged into an easy to follow process  with simple and easy to understand instructions.

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Innovation Course + Kit

Learn all about the methodologies, theories and practices to facilitate Innovation and add the Kit to the mix.

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