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Being a Developer is an exciting way of transforming the world around you and at Newicon Academy, you can start down the path that will take you from a beginner to a career-ready developer in only three months.

Based on our experience training our own team for over a decade, we've created this intensive course that will teach you everything you need to start a new life as a software developer.

What you'll learn

During your first month you'll learn  HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Test Driven Development alongside transferable coding skills with an emphasis on problem solving.

In month two you'll learn PHP, MySQL, Data Types, Programming Paradigms and principles of Agile Development.

Finally, in the third month you'll expand this knowledge, with opportunities to use your new skills in real industry problems.

Towards the end of your course, we will be hosting career sessions to prepare you for a new life as Software Developer.

These sessions include, CV workshops, personal branding, technical interviews and portfolio development.

During the entire duration of your course we will be providing you Career Support and Advice.

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Why join us?

Do something you love

Software Development is an ever-changing and rewarding career. We’ll teach you all you need to know about the technologies, frameworks, languages and skills you need to start a career you love.

Learn to think like a coder

Sounds obvious, right? But this is the hard bit that other Academies often won’t teach you. Software Development is about understanding challenges and taking the right approach to problem solving to find the best solutions. 

Be part of our community

When you join Newicon Academy you are part of a community of passionate tech experts, always learning and sharing their knowledge. You will have access to the Academy Slack Channel, online resources, conferences, live events and more!

Support after the course

Once you’ve completed your course, we’ll help you to find a job, whether it’s with one of our selected partners, or at Newicon.

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